Mary Pleasant at Land’s End

Dear Friends,

Only one more week to wait until you get to hear ALL the music for David Garner’s opera Mary Pleasant at Land’s End!


On Saturday, January 14th @ 8:00pm in the San Francisco Conservatory’s Concert Hall a cast of 32 superb singers including a marvelous chorus of 22*, and another 10 well loved and respected Bay Area vocalists*, will join Maestro Ian Robertson and collaborative pianists Kevin Korth and Darryl Cooper, singing ALL the music and instrumental interludes of Mary Pleasant at Land’s End.

You will easily be able to follow the action through projected supertitles complete with scene settings and stage directions, as well as a printed program containing the complete cast list, a synopsis of Mary Pleasant at Land’s End, and a lot of other information about this exciting new work.


(***Free admission***)

You, the audience, get to experience the creation of a 21st-Century major grand opera from the ground up. This musical workshop is the next step towards a full-scale production!

The performance will be video-recorded. We need YOUR ENERGY, to spur the singers on, and to create the excitement on the recording that will get the attention of the major opera houses! Bring people! You’ll all love the music, I promise!

Did I mention that the performance is free?


Cast in order of appearance

Mary Pleasant an entrepreneur: Crystal Philippi, mezzo-soprano

Ezra Landreaux a lawyer and Confederate Army veteran: Philip Skinner, bass-baritone

Artemis Dodge a businessman: Michael Jankosky, tenor

Elena Walther a protégé of Mary Pleasant: Marnie Breckenridge, soprano

Captain Eames a ship’s captain: Ben Brady, bass-baritone

Three Reporters newspapermen

Falsen: Joe Meyers, tenor

Inger: Adam Flowers, tenor

Broome: William O’Neill, baritone

Moss a bonanza king: Steve Kahn, tenor

Nellie an employee of Mary Pleasant: Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, soprano

Clara an employee of Mary Pleasant: Krista Wigle, soprano

Emperor Norton Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico: Adam Flowers

Judge Earl a judge: Ben Brady, bass-baritone


Melissa Angulo, Hadar Aviram, Kate Bolton-Schmukler, Sarita Cannon, Tony Domenick, Alexander Frank, Claire Fry, Ali Haas, Shase Hernandez, Don Hoffman, Steve Kahn, Bradley Kynard, Lyssa Livingston, Heather Mathews, Luke Mayernik, Raja Orr, Valentina Osinski, Ellen Presley, Yemonja Stanley, Alexander Taite, John Vidovic, Wayne Wong



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